October 2013

Planned completion of works on support of system exchanges of events of ETsHD DIT of Moscow

Specialists of the company according to plan finish the main works on the contract of support of system of an exchange of events of ETsHD DIT of Moscow.
The system of an exchange of events developed during the project in 2012 provides circulation of events between some information systems of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, housing and communal services, and also information from city systems of video surveillance. Peak loading by results of monitoring makes to 400 events a second. Data it is used for visualization of thematic cards in various executive authorities (EA).
During works of 2013 scalability of system which cornerstone Microsoft SQL Server is, was provided to Microsoft Biztalk, and also optimization of a subsystem of temporary storage of events and completion of API providing access to data of system for the authorized external contractors is performed.
Works were carried out in common with specialists of the Step Lodzhik, Cheeks and Refaktor-Ickx companies.
For ensuring works on the contract of support of 2014 transfer of call center of the company in the mode 24×7 is planned.

June 2012

Partnership with OpenIT

Summa Technologiae announces the signing of the partnership agreement with OpenIT (, a leading provider of SAM (Software Asset Management) solutions, specializing in the multivariate analysis of the enterprise software.

OpenIT’s solutions support the “heavy” cross-platform software that is used in the oil and gas industry, engineering and production management, mining. This makes OpenIT’s solutions an optimal choice for the organizations interested in the meticulous accounting and optimization of IT assets, which can reach up in cost to 30-40 thousand dollars per seat. 

The signed agreement makes Summa Technologiae an exclusive provider of OpenIT’s solutions in Russia. In the near future we will publish several articles about the functionality of OpenIT’s solutions and description of the typical system deployment scenarios.

Also, there is an agreement on the involvement of Refactor-IKS’s specialists in the implementation of OpenIT’s solutions. Refactor-IKS provides consulting services, development and support of enterprise information systems.

Open iT Solutions (pdf file)