Summa Technologiae provides delivery and implementation of specialized IT-solutions.


  • Systems of software asset management produced by OpenIT (
  • Implementation of Surfray ( Ontolica solutions (extension of visualization and search functionality of Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft FAST search for Sharepoint products)
  • RFX-FastField system for searching and classifying the information on the Microsoft Sharepoint / FAST platform
  • Specialized spam filtering system for server systems based on Sendmail / Exchange / Spamassasin
  • Knowledge management system based on SharePoint
  • Management system of employees working time
  • System of corporate reference data life cycle
  • Components for Microsoft SharePoint 2010:
    • IFILTER for indexing LAS files
    • IFILTER for indexing LIS files
    • IFILTER for indexing SEG-Y files
    • News aggregator with multiple sources of data
    • Extending of surveys functionality (additional types of scales, choice of the intended audience from external sources of address information, requirement of obligatory comments to the answer)


  • Implementation of solutions
  • Auditing of project activities, purchasing specifications, technical solutions
  • Load testing of applications, statistical modeling of users behavior
  • Analysis and specification of requirements for information systems
  • Consulting in organizing of project offices for service and consulting companies